Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Margiela x H&M on 34th Street

Yes, that's a scarf and the world's best red kicks. Yes, both 34th Street H&Ms will have the Margiela x H&M collection tomorrow morning. Yes, there will be a line, and yes, they will be handing out bracelets. I'd get there before 6am if you want a decent shot at your picks. If you want the red dress, get there at 4am. Dress warm and bring a thermos of coffee, as it's going to be chilly out there.


Be prepared: You're only going to have 15 minutes to shop with your bracelet, so do your homework. Are you going straight to the shoes, the dresses, or the oversized coats? It's all about the strategy. Good luck, and see you in line.


H&M Herald Square
34th Street and Sixth Avenue
H&M 34th Street
34th Street and Seventh Avenue