Friday, November 16, 2012

34th Street Weekend [Sale] Picks: Uniqlo, Margiela x H&M and More

#1. Uniqlo
Cat sweater for your kids? Duh. Get there soon, as this is the Undercover for Uniqlo collection and it's on sale. Also, there's still some +J on sale. 31 West 34th Street

#2. H&M Herald Square
Not on sale, but go get some: There will Margiela in the store this weekend, as there was quite a bit on the first floor yesterday afternoon. I got the mirror ball leggings and I'm hoping I'm going to find the blue sweater and oversized coat on sale one day, especially as there were a lot of coats left. It's fabulous, and it's not for everyone. 1286 Broadway at 34th Street

#3.  Old Navy
They are having an in-store only BOGO 50% and 75% off throughout the store. Click here for details.  150 West 34th Street