Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beauty on 34th Street: Erasing and Brightening

I've been ignoring my dull skin for long enough: finally, after consulting with beauty expert Sarah of StyleIt, I chose to jump start my 2013 skin with the new Korres Brightening Sleeping Facial. Anything that does the work for me overnight is tops in my book.

I've got very sensitive skin. I've got a lot of skin problems. I bitch about this all the time. Thus, I rarely go beyond the very pure, very basic Vanicream for skincare as I react badly to a lot of big-brand products. But the Korres brightening facial? Zero irritation, and my skin is super-soft the next morning. Although I've been using it for less than two weeks, I feel more confident about my skin and its appearance as the Korres truly seems to be balancing my worrisome skin tone. Find it at Sephora on 34th Street, $48.

Buying the Korres inspired me to walk across the street to Macy's Herald Square, and pick up one of my old-school favorites, Clarins Doux Peeling cream.

This was formerly known as Doux Peeling Visage. It acts like an eraser as users apply, wait a minute, then gently rub it off their skin. Doux Peeling is one of those classic Clarins' products that works wonders without a lot of bells and whistles (ingredients are clay and primrose extract). If you've got sensitive skin this is your exfoliator, and if you suffer from occasional dry patches, Doux Peeling immediately zaps them away. I'm very happy to find it at Macy's ($30) as it's not carried at Sephora.

Now go shop 34th Street and get all glow-y and peeled ;)

130 West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue
Macy's Herald Square
151 West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue