Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spring 2013 Trends: From the Mouths of the H&M Pros

I have a confession: I'm the type of thinker who doesn't put seasonal trends on her front burner. I know, total #fashionbloggerfail, but my brain, while shopping 34th Street, likes to think about cute pieces, cute pieces on sale, and cute shoes.  Also twice a year my brain makes me feel guilty for not using toner or not tackling the difficulties of mastering self-tanner, and it makes me go spend money at Sephora, Bare Escentuals, or Macy's beauty counters.

Naturally, this kind of rogue shopping usually lands the appropriate trend of the season on this blog. But still, I greatly appreciate H&M for making videos like the one above so I don't have to tax my brain excessively.

My picks? Textured fabrics, embellished fabrics, neutral tones, modern bohemian, and sophisticated minimalism (JOY). Also, unfortunately, "Cher" is not a trend for SS13, but "sheer" is. I forgive you, Simon Glazin, for your charming accent and getting my hopes up very briefly at 0:33.

Maybe SS14 will be all about Cher? Look for sheer and other trends explored in the video above on 34th Street soon!

H&M Herald Square
1328 Broadway at 34th Street

H&M 34th Street
435 Seventh Avenue at 7th Avenue