Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ruby and jenna Pop-Up Shop Update

The fabulous little ruby and jenna pop-up shop we've been loving ever since it popped up in the 34th Street district last May, has closed its 1282 Broadway location but promises to be moving soon "across the street."

"Across the street" could possibly mean that ruby and jenna will pop up in the Herald Center at 34th and Broadway. Wherever the shop lands, we're thrilled that it's continuing on in 34th Street. Last August, our fabulous intern LCogs visited ruby and jenna and swooned over the affordable options, and we totally concurred when she said "I absolutely adore everything in this store."

Yup, this is the time of year when one looks at summer clothes and dreams of  May.

ruby and jenna
closed at 1282 Broadway, but re-opening its pop-up shop soon across the street