Monday, January 7, 2013

Time for an IRL Planner: Moleskines at Columbia Omni Corp

Are you a Moleskine-lover, too? Can't get by without a yearly agenda from the legendary notebook maker? Luckily, Columbia Omni Corp on 33rd Street still has a great selection of 2013 Moleskine planners.

I'm the type of girl who doesn't think about planners until after the New Year has happened. This is also one of the reasons why I need a planner. Also, if I have to lay down an argument about why you need an actual IRL, in-your-hand planner, then we aren't soul-mates. I need to put pen to paper daily to control the thoughts that run through my head, particularly during subway commutes. Thus, in-between "can I wear creepers," "are my work clothes too binding," and "did I pack too many rice cakes for snack time," I can write down things I actually need to do for the work day.

 While my Outlook calendar is great for scheduling meetings, it's a fail for me when it comes to visual organization and to-dos, especially when I'm running around town. My hard-cover, horizontal layout weekly diary/planner from Moleskine, however, is just the thing for at once looking at my week and day. You might prefer a different style; in the past, the pocket day planner was my life blood, but with a change in lifestyle comes a change in planners. That's also why I love Moleskine: they've got a lot of options.

This isn't nearly as dull as my elementary school diaries, which were essentially a daily recap of "Mom braided my hair, I went to school."

Get a look at many of Moleskine's planner options at Columbia Omni Corp on 33rd Street just west of Fifth Avenue. But don't get sucked into the kid's art aisle like I did, or you might waste your lunch hour on irresistible paint palettes.

Columbia Omni Corp
14 West 33rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues