Friday, February 26, 2016

Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2016: Taoray Wang and Lie Sang Bong

Taoray Wang
The show notes may have named this collection "British Heritage," and the designer, the very talented Wang Tao, may say her inspiration came from "Victorian fashion," but my dominant takeaway from the collection was "Wall Street: The Women Take Over." Wang Tao's tailoring made exit after exit a blistering statement for perfect cuts, pinstripes, and pants. Granted, all this worked so well for 2016 because of the designer's Victorian touches: lace bandeau panels, fur neck warmers, and black lace trim. But they were done with subtlety and restraint. Very Victorian. Also worth noting: the designer's coats were a home run and dominated her runway in worsted wool, mohair, and cashmere over wide leg pants and sharp dresses.   








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Lie Sang Bong
The Fall/Winter 2016 Lie Sang Bong collection was inspired by the masculinity of retro military garments and the femininity of lavish Victorian vestments. A perfectly balanced runway was the takeaway, where signature prints were replaced by texture, and highly saturated jewel tones were paired with black. The delicate lacework adorning silk blouses with voluminous sleeves were some of my favorites, but we can’t forget about those velvet / silk combinations, and the always memorable “fur” moments that helped connect the collection. Overall a very luxurious yet utilitarian collection where sophistication met function.





All photos from The Impression.