Friday, December 14, 2007

Bitten Blues

Sigh. My 4 remaining, lonely Bitten dresses are like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of the blogosphere. Free dress, anyone? Honestly, the vote is still out in the office. Many like the shape, the pockets (dresses with pockets are DESIRABLE) and the long tie. Everyone wishes the fabric was nicer, and some suspect the fabric of the dress on the show was higher quality. It appears to drape better in the Project Runway picture. Let's review:

Project Runway model, left, and real time, right. Hmm, maybe it just needs a good steam. We have few styling tools in office, but I love how Sarah looks in this with the tie in the back, and without the vest.

More office pictures: Bitten Twins prove all heights can wear the dress and check out Lindsey's shoes, it's cute with flats, too.

Racquel loves the dress. No wonder as it suits her even when she throws it on over work clothes.

Everyone (in the office and online) is disappointed the dress comes only in black and burgundy. I did see one gray on the mannequin in the Manhattan Mall store. Obviously I should have torn if off and sold it where? On Ebay, where prices go for $39.99 for the black. People not in the know, please remember Steve & Barry's sells this for $19.98 (thus the fabric dissatisfaction, so potential winners keep those expectations low).

Generally, side comments from the men in the office mean you're pushing the fashion boundary. Give yourself a little pat on the back if you're a recipient. Bitten Dress got:
"It's the Witches of Eastwick."
"What time's the graduation?"
Perfect, right?

Steve and Barry's, Manhattan Mall level 2, 6th Ave & 33rd St, 877-762-9444