Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Daffy's

The men's Triple Five Soul coats may have been sold out at Daffy's, but the women's? Laura scored a vest and jacket. She had seen the vest online just the other day but for the full price, $198.

Fake fur hoods & green plaid is too cute on Laura. Full disclosure, that vest is a large and Laura is no large. She's going to take it in herself along the side seam. The travails of discount shopping...but she did get it $59.99. Plus I like a vest big as you can layer sweaters under it. Another style option is to get all new wave retro and throw on a suit coat (right). I may be crazy for digging this grunge-meets-Talking Heads look.

Here's the jacket version for $89.99 in medium. Laura ended up returning it because, as the checkout lady at Daffy's said, "These are all yours?" Only so much fake-fur-hooded plaid should grace a girl's closet.

Don't be Triple Five deprived, men. Get a TFS hat at Daffy's as there are a lot lying round the 7th floor. Also Ben Sherman wallets are by the checkout on 7, next to the Ben Sherman cufflinks. All are great stocking stuffers. And lastly, look what I found in ladies shoes, our good friend Smlatte! I rode a roller coaster of emotions, ecstatic to see Jeffrey Campbell's Smlatte discounted to $69, crushed to find her only in small sizes. I curse my size 9 foot.

Daffy's Herald Square, 1311 Broadway @ 34th, 212-736-4477