Friday, December 28, 2007

The Family Jewel

I dug up a favorite piece today, my Robert Indiana LOVE ring, discovered in a PA antique shop and born most likely at the mall in a Spencer's. I bought a Beatles belt buckle at the same shop and you know that was a Spencer's staple.

So my ring is tarnished but still old school rap-fabulous. For those of you who buy a new one on Ebay for $200, expect the gold veneer to slowly disappear. But my "gold" ring reminds me to do some jewelry shopping on 34th Street. I haven't looked much because I am a sadly under-accessorized woman. Can't help it, the bling just isn't in my genes. If I had any nice bling I'm sure I would have pawned it by now. So I must force myself to open up my jewelry-blind eye and see if there's anything worth buying, particularly in this post-Christmas sale frenzy.

Speaking of under-accessorized, I'm also lacking a purse gene. I know this is sacrilege to most oxygen breathing females on the planet Earth, but I've always thought it crazy to spend thousands on a bag. I now must admit that I need a decent bag. The Junior Drake bags at Macy's caught my eye. Their website description? "Classic but edgy style." Oh, well, I'm still going to see if they're on sale today, along with the Level 99 wide-leg jeans I blogged about months ago. They, unfortunately, have been annoyingly sale-resistant.

LOVE for the new year:

on a ring, and in Philadelphia.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue, 212-695-4400