Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Positive Returns

One of my favorite gifts, besides a check (yes, so not in the holiday spirit but blame it on New York City rents), was a wonderful combination gift: eau de parfum and a nice bottle of red wine. I know some of you hate getting perfume as a gift, but ever since Donna Karan discontinued "Chaos" (the name drew me in, the very original scent kept me coming back), I've been lost and lonely in fragrance world. WHY, Donna, why? She should look at its price on OverstockPerfume ($1,499!), and seriously consider bringing some Chaos back. Unless, of course, she's the one stocking Overstock. So I'm currently happy to play around with other fragrances. And free fragrance that comes with wine? Must remember this inspired gift combination for loved ones next year...

If you're not so happy with your gifts, you're returning. And those midtown streets are busy, people. But if you're not working the rest of this week, why not join the crowds and find yourself something you really want? Tomorrow we'll do some New Year's Eve shopping. And today? Drop by Strawberry on 34th Street and get this blouse, my favorite recent bargain buy:

The pinstripe tunic top made in India, soon to be worn at your midtown job. I bought mine a little big as it's 100% cotton and I'd rather shrink it than squeeze into it. I've already worn it and been complimented, so buy one for $12.99. Yes, just $12.99. I love it so much I'm willing to hawk it like a bad car commercial.

Strawberry, 14 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-279-8696