Thursday, December 27, 2007

What We Know

The word is in, people, no more trapeze dresses for 2008. Toss them if you bought them cheap, wrap them up if they cost you a fortune, but do not bring them round for spring. Instead think structured, clean lines and color, big bold colors. Keep your flats and high-waisted pants. Which are all things we could have told anyone, right? There are few surprises in fashion anymore except for the rare, bold runway show. And lord, fall shows are right around the corner which brings up the real question: will Marc still be showing hats and gloves, and emphasizing the waist?

But hold up, fall shows, what about New Year's Eve, have you got something to wear?

KT doesn't, so we went dress hunting on 34th Street. We think we found a live one, something sexy but not trampy. This can be a thin line, but one we can teeter on for New Year's, the head-turning holiday.

This Zara dress ($79.99) is the best candidate yet. KT and I searched many usual suspects like Daffy's, Banana Republic, and Forever 21. But nothing was quite right. This shiny, gray wonder, however, is perfect for KT. The bubble skirt isn't outrageous and is just short enough to show off a curvaceous figure. And the shine highlights the beautiful color. This dress will last past next season with its cinched waist and contemporary shape. Zara also has other styles in this lovely gray hue.

Zara, 39 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-868-6551