Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Great Ugg Debate

I've engaged in the Ugg debate for many a winter moon, and there is still no resolution. There are lovers and there are haters and no one is in between. Meanwhile, Uggs still tramp our city streets. Unfortunately, I even saw a male-female Ugg couple in Williamsburg one winter and will never be able to wipe the memory of their perfect, matching Ugg-ness from my brain. Yet, still, when it snows, I pull on my nasty, old pink Emu's (regifts, thanks my sister). Why, when they look like pink plates on my feet? Because they are a comfortable and functional winter boot. And I can't bring myself to buy new ones because they are ugly* and expensive (I'd rather save my money for a really obnoxious winter boot, like the moon boot because moon boots are so ridiculous they totally rock). So I'm looking at fake uggs to get me through another winter. Fake uggs have multiplied like bunnies in the district.

Try Strawberry first, they have the cheapest Ugg knockoff yet by Bamboo. For $19.99 you get an ugg that looks even bigger on my foot than my emu. Buy the darkish tan. Strawberry also has this Bamboo boot, the Zen, for $29.99, left. Looks practical, not hideous.

Baker's has loads of uggy things, like pairs by Rocket Dog ($79.95), Bearpaw ($69.95, right), and their name brand ($79.99 for the tall ones). While you're there check out the tall Baker's moccasin boot with the piping in several colors, even pink, blue and yellow ($119.95). Nice job, Baker's.

Last for today is Foot Locker, also full of Bearpaw uggs. They have a wider selection than Baker's and lots of mid-calfs for $64.99. I'm attracted to the winter white. I know, they'll be so gross by spring, but I think the white is close to pretty.

More uggs coming up because debate as much as we want, no one can win this one. Except the Uggs of course.

*we're talking traditional Uggs here, not the new pretty styles

Strawberry, 14 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-279-8696
Baker's, 358 5th Ave, on 34th @ 5th, 212-279-7016
Foot Locker, 45 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-971-9449