Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hit Gap Herald Square and Take an Extra 40

This ends tomorrow, so visit Gap Herald Square ASAP to get an extra 40% off already reduced merchandise. Remember the gorgeous suede jacket I posted before the holidays?

This was reduced to $219.99 beofre the holiday. 40% off would make it $132.

This may still be lurking on a sales rack with other leftover gems that slipped through the cracks. Gap Herald Square usually gets the extras from Gaps round town before they leave us forever. A Trashgate joke would fit in nicely here. And since I brought it up, click here for a follow-up story from The New York Times, with an interesting mention of who? Gap! Ahem.

As I said before, good to see the New York Clothing Bank getting lots of press from Trashgate.

Gap Herald Square, 1282 Broadway @ 34th Street


Anonymous said...

I hit this Gap sale locally and scored some darling sweaters!

WendyB said...

I like how you stalk the good items!

Cammila said...

Wow, you always have the lowdown on this stuff!

Also: excellent Trashgate reference.

39th and Broadway said...

Had no idea that our Gap got extras from around town. I'll have to stop by more often, I usually hit the Times Square one. No more.Thanks for the scoop!