Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Spring in 34th Street H&Ms

Whoops, took me a while to get to my second installment of H&M's spring trend. I'll let the pictures and the captions do the talking:

Obviously I'm a Patrick Starfish addict, because I love this yellow coat ($99).

Best striped leggings yet, $14.95. Crochet cap $9.95

The color is darker as shown on the right. Only black, shiny, rubber mini-skirt seen, size 6, $49.95

Grey legging-jodhpur, $29.95, gold shiny skirt up-close, $34.95.

Pretty blue sweater with a really good back, $49.95.

Tiered skirt good for anyone but me, $39.95, check sweater dress, $79.95.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Avenue
H&M, 34th & 7th Avenue


Lisamaree said...

I don't think that skirt would suit me either.
I wonder what the possiblity of finding a black lycra mini this season?


Make Do Style said...

Love H&M and I've got those jodhpurs leggings in black they are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Eee! Those stripy leggings are glorious. I've gotta get my butt to an H&M soon to see if they've got any of the little floral boleros I keep seeing in my February mags ...

Tricia said...

Hammie - one would think really good, right?!
MakeDo - i would have tried them on, but I'm still post-baby body. And there was only a size 6, which to me at H&M is a 4.
Sal - They are awesome! And yes, you should see the little floral bolero, I posted a picture of it last Friday, I think.

WendyB said...

Why do you look good in everything? Bitch!

Unknown said...

I love you WendyB!