Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Banana Republic Blues

Next up in our weekly Wednesday staff guest posts: Catherine, who perused Banana Republic on 34th Street.

Exciting news item #1: Banana Republic is having a sale on sale items. 40% off sale prices!

Exciting news item #2: They're going crazy with denim. If you're looking for a new pair of spring jeans, stop by. I'd never tried their jeans, and I was pleasantly surprised. Boot-cut, trouser fit, straight leg, boyfriend, skinny, super-duper "are those jeans or did you paint your legs blue" skinny, slouchy...the list goes on, and in all sorts of washes.

As we've already established, my height makes it difficult to see how the different leg openings will look in real life (post-hem), so use your imagination. Sidenote to shorties: In addition to Petites, BR sells "short" (and "tall") sizes online. These are the low-rise boot cut jeans in a dark wash. I wasn't crazy about them from the front, but helloooo backside! I like this view.

Dark wash boot-cut jean, $79.50

For this next lovely item, I'm enlisting the help of a website model. Oh, Banana Republic, I love your button-down tops, but how about a little accommodation for your well-endowed female clientele? They fit everywhere except for the bust, where I have a lovely 1-inch gap. Anyway, I like the pearly buttons, and it'd be great with a navy cardigan.

Military plaid shirt, $59.50

And for a work look, I tried a (get ready for the dreaded "c" word, Tricia) comfortable cotton sweater top in navy. It has white piping on the seams, drawstrings on the arms, and a nice neckline.

Drawstring-sleeve sweater, $69.50

I always check Banana Republic when I'm searching for work wear because I love their pants. Classic cuts and colors with good, simple details. These are 323 Martin flared pants in a very neutral navy. These feature a wide waist band that (imagine Stacy London's voice) "lock & load" the tummy.

323 Martin flared pants, $79.00

Now, being the cheapskate that I am, I'll sit around and wait for everything I tried on to go on sale...

Banana Republic
, 17 W. 34th Street


Tricia said...

Catherine you need that blue sweater!

Lipstick said...

I am excited about the sales! I love Banana!