Monday, January 4, 2010

Shop Jets!

The New York Jets miraculously made the playoffs, so it's time for my annual Jets/football jersey post. Sports and fashion are the new rage, so you best add some sports wear to your wardrobe. I was never much of a football fan until we moved to NYC, where I fell in love with the Jets.

One must glam/vamp it up a little when wearing athletic gear. H&M Mama leggings (now it's an illness, must...stop...wearing), boots, Pierre Hardy for Gap from Gap 34th Street. Look for infant NFL gear at Kids Foot Locker on 34th Street.

Where to find football jerseys in the 34th Street district? Easy: Foot Locker, Modell's, and Cosby's. I especially recommend a trip to Cosby Sporting Goods as it's family-owned and has excellent customer service. For example, when I called this morning to check on Jets jerseys, I was put on hold for under 20 seconds, then told specific sizes of authentic player jerseys in stock. There's a Sanchez in size 48 (comparable to a guy's medium) and 50, Revis in a 50, and Jenkins in a 56; all are real, green jerseys. "Real" means they are kind of like the couture of sporting goods as they are the same jerseys that the players wear on the field. This of course means they don't come cheap at $215.

I'd snatch up the Revis, but as Sanchez seems destined to be a Namath-like sex symbol, the ladies can't go wrong with number 6. For the less-expensive, replica jerseys, hit up the big Foot Locker at 120 W. 34th (the Manhattan Mall store and the one at 43 W. 34th don't carry football jerseys), or the Modell's in Herald Center that carries Sanchez and Jones jerseys for $80.

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th @ Broadway
Modell's Herald Center, 34th & Broadway
Cosby Sporting Goods, on 31st St. just east of 7th Avenue


WendyB said...

You and your arm baby look adorable.

Lipstick said...

Oh my look stunningly gorgeous in your Jets fashion with your beautiful little baby.

You know, I am slightly embarrassed to say this but I have liked the Jets for as long as I can remember because I have always liked that color green.

39th and Broadway said...

Wow, you look amazing. Hard to believe you just had a baby!

But the Jets? Really?

Tricia said...

WendyB - thanks, see how she's all comfy in my arm?!
Lipstick - we have so much in common! we need to go to a game!!!
39th - thank you, thank you - Yes, really the Jets. See the number I'm wearing? My cat is named for him. Sigh.