Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get It on 34th Street

Visit the Soiffer Haskin Mikimoto sale today until 6:30pm, and tomorrow from 9am-4pm. This sale features "exceptional savings" on South Sea and Akoya cultured pearl strands, and an "expanded offering of pearl jewelry embellished with diamonds and other precious gemstones." I'd go just to ogle the strands, but for those of you looking for an unforgettable pearl-something for your future graduate, this may be the perfect sale. 

The Cole Haan sale at Soiffer Haskin starts this weekend. Go here for more information. I went last year with my sister who stocked up on work shoes and bags. I was tempted by a "diaper bag" (not really a diaper bag, but the saleswoman was good) and great flats. This sale is flat heaven.

I'll end with a little playoffs love:

Fashion Herald hearts Rex Ryan.

Because the Jets have advanced yet further in the playoffs (thanks, of course, to Arm Baby wearing her lucky Jets onesie on game day), I must remind you again to buy your Jets gear on 34th Street. Go to Cosby Sporting GoodsFoot Locker, and Modell's, and get on the Jets, train, people, because Rex says we're going all the way. And, like Lipstick in the Mailbox, we love Jets green!

Update: Lipstick's lovely post on Haiti today reminded me of a great link found on The New York Times Lede blog:
Charity Navigator list of ten charities to donate to for Haitian relief.

Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd Street just west of 8th
Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th @ Broadway
Modell's Herald Center, 34th & Broadway
Cosby Sporting Goods, 31st Street just east of 7th Avenue


WendyB said...

That's a good charity list. I'm going to use it when I eventually write a post to tell people to stop giving in stupid ways. Sigh.

Make Do Style said...

Love the Jets update!

Make Do Style said...

Oh Fashion Herald just read your comment on SW and was very amused by Atlantic City remark - I love Atlantic City but I don't gamble I get bored of it in 5 minutes which is very lucky.