Friday, June 15, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Shoes, Patterns, Mad Men and Comfort

Intern LCogs writes up sales on 34th Street for the weekend...

#1. Aerosoles

Because they're selling shoes for 70% off! I fell in love with the blue suede heels and the shiny leopard flats. Both pairs of shoes have these magically cushioned insoles; I never wanted to take them off. 36 W. 34th Street.

#2. Desigual

Because they're having a sale, up to 50% off! This store has the most colorfully patterned clothing I've ever seen. 958 Avenue of the Americas.

#3. Macy's Herald Square

Because the women's department on the 4th floor has a ton of sale racks, and that's where I came across this gem! I was very fond of the sequined wrists and back band as they added a bit of fun to the simple yet elegant dress. I absolutely adored it. I felt like I was in an episode of Mad Men (one of my favorite shows). Also, Macy's is having their One Day Sale from 8am until 1pm, today and tomorrow, so get your butt over there! 151 W. 34th Street.

#4. H&M

I know I put H&M in last weekends sale picks, but I can never not go into this store... and since almost everything is on sale right now, I had to try on some clothing. This lacy dress is incredibly cozy and only $17.95! I bought it and am really happy I did. I could wear it to work, out and about, and I could even sleep in it if I wanted to, that's how comfortable it is! 47 W. 34th Street.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :]


Seeker said...

OMG I would be lost in all of that, if I could.

Have a nice weekend


Maria said...

Love that white H&M dress and the blue suede heels! Great finds!