Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You Are Not Your Own Party City

The man who's been bossing me around at home lately? This guy:

My favorite part is at the end of the workout when he says, in serious military voice: "Workout complete. Good job." It's  at once ridiculous and gratifying. 

Why am I into this book and it's accompanying, awesome iPhone app? Because I have not been able to get to the gym since I've had Baby Herald. This means I've also had Baby Herald gut since I've had Baby Herald. I love me some Baby Herald, but the gut, not so much.

This app enables me to work out at home in under 40 minutes, four times a week, doing exercises that are challenging but not at all impossible. Best, I don't have to remind 18-year-old boys at the gym that they should let me work in on the machine, I don't have to worry about my obscenely tight yoga pants, and I can work out while watching Baby Herald draw on walls, pull utensils out of kitchen drawers, or torture Chad Pennington (the cat, not the ex-Jets QB). I'm OK with all of the former as long as Chad Pennington isn't howling.

Here is where I'd link to a bookstore where you can buy this book on 34th Street, but there are how many bookstores on 34th Street? Zero. This is where I'd lament the death of the bookstore but this post is rambling enough already. What can you now find on 34th Street? Party City. Yes, Party City is now open and they are not joking, it is seriously a city of party. You can be your own gym, but do not be your own Party City. Make your life easy and go to 34th and Seventh Avenue and get everything under the sun you could possibly need for your next party, including banners, because Party City has a BANNER STATION. It's not a bookstore, but a banner station is damn convenient.

The sign says it all, and yes, there is a candy room.

Party City
223 West 34th Street (just west of Seventh Avenue)