Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Menu Items at 'wichcraft

It's lunchtime, I'm starving, I'm posting sandwiches! Below is Intern LCogs review of the new summer items available now at our 'wichcraft kiosks at Bryant Park, our sister company, and in Herald and Greeley Square Parks (chicken salad only at H&G).

Mmmm, the pre-lunchtime torture...

Summer has almost officially arrived, and with it, the necessity for a change in menu to bring back some of our favorite summertime dishes. This week ‘wichcraft reintroduced four of their seasonal sandwiches and fortunately, I was given the task of taste testing them. While I happily enjoyed each new menu item (yes, I tried them all!), I definitely had some favorites.

The zucchini and mozzarella sandwich (above) with basil, parmesan, and roasted tomatoes on grilled country bread was the unanimous favorite in the office. It had just the right amount of veggies and cheese and reminded me of a grilled cheese with a modern twist.

I’ve been on a vegetable kick lately, so my second favorite was the asparagus frittata (above). You can never go wrong with egg and cheese, and the addition of asparagus, English peas and aged cheddar make it even better.

Coming in third, would have to be the blackened flank steak. The romesco, grilled red onions and aged cheddar bring a great flavoring to the sandwich. My only complaint would be that the texture in the middle was a bit too mushy.

And last but not least, the free-range chicken salad (above). If you are a chicken salad fan as my coworker is, you will love this sandwich. The chicken tastes great on the multi-grain bread, along with the crunchy walnuts and roasted tomatoes. It is uniquely topped with pickled red onions, which certainly adds a pop to your usual chicken salad sandwich. Again, this is the only new summer sandwich available at the Herald and Greeley Square 'wichcraft kiosks.

We wish you delicious al fresco dining all summer long!

 Also, keep an eye out next month for the famous 'wichcraft BLT, available only during heirloom tomato season! Now I'm really, really hungry...

'wichcraft kiosk, Greeley Square, 32nd Street @ Broadway 
'wichcraft kiosk, Herald Square, 35th Street @ Broadway 
'wichcraft kiosk, Bryant Park, 42nd Street @ 6th Avenue


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