Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So Much Camper to Buy for Fall '12

I hit up the Fall '12 Camper preview at The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central, and they had me at "Branquinho." Then they had me at "Willhelm," "Kremer," and "C.Neeon." Talk about an impressive showing of  designer collaborations.

 Above are the Romain Kremers. I'll take the eggplant lace-ups, thanks.

The above and below are so perfectly Veronique Branquinho, so clean with beautiful lines, so functional for how a woman works and lives, that I'm smitten anew with her design sensibility. Here's hoping her eponymous clothing brand is revived someday soon.

I'm not sure how I could decide which Bernhard Willhelm shoe to purchase. But the Pollack-inspired pink and black and one of his sneakers would probably end up in my closet.

Ridiculous, right? There was so much more at the Camper preview that it's impossible to talk about and show everything that I loved, but be sure to check out the kid's boots (serving a dual function as rain and snow boot), the Link collection of bike shoes (with a detachable clip for your pants - SO SMART), and the Twins collection with shoes that act as twins: not entirely matching, but of the same gene pool. I can't describe this properly without photographic evidence, so...

...a boot I'm dying to own. It's so me. And hey, I'm a Gemini, so it's perfect for my very twin personality.

Then there's the C.Neeon twins. Look closely for the differences, just like living, breathing twins, people.

Now here's hoping someday a girl can find some Camper and its deep pool of talent on or near 34th Street in the future.