Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Best Hi-Lo at Express

As far as I'm concerned, Express is the master of the hi-lo. This black skirt is perfect:

Perhaps the mix up there on the left right is not a total success, but it's a fun idea for the younger set and I'm ADORING the crop lace top. Yes, I just said that. Please ignore my wet-rat, rainy-day hair.

Print dress? So cute and good hi-lo for work. The striped dress? Love it and the horizontal stripes are totally not a no-no here.

Best little collection of hi-lo on one rack I've seen yet!

Manhattan Mall level 1, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue


Seeker said...

I'm so in love by those high-low hems!!
But they are always too high in front for me :(

Long time no talk, hope all is well with you.