Thursday, July 18, 2013

34th Street Retail History: 1992 - 2013

The retail landscape on 34th Street changes at a rate that often surprises me, even with years of documenting 34th Street retail under my belt. Just when I think nothing new could possibly join our district, someone moves out, or revamps their building, or goes bankrupt

Our archivist gathered photos to represent this constantly changing landscape via a video history of buildings and retailers on 34th Street. Below is our newest version, featuring H&M Penn Station, Victoria's Secret Herald Square, the Macy's corner at 34th and Broadway, and 213-215 West 34th, now home to DSW, Joe Fresh, and Payless.


New retailers are coming to 34th Street as we speak: a Swatch boutique is opening in the old Billabong space, Crocs is taking over the old Tad's Steaks, Urban Outfitters is going into 1333 Broadway, Esprit remains closed (although as-yet-to-be-unnamed retailers are looking), and Journey's has left Herald Center, which is slated for a big overhaul and possibly an exciting new store.

Also, early next week we should be able to announce a new brand joining Footaction, Lane Bryant, Cohen's Fashion Optical, Payless, Joe Fresh, and DSW on the West End of 34th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, a block that's had huge turnover in the past year. Go West, young and old shoppers, because retail on the street is expanding towards the Hudson.