Tuesday, September 17, 2013

David Tlale Spring 2014

David Tlale's collection was perfect for the presentation space, or the "Box", at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The meticulous detail and intricate beading of his gorgeous gowns could have been overlooked on the runway, so seeing each piece up close helped viewers appreciate the details. Also, I can't imagine anyone walking around in these with much speed or ease! Traditionally shaped, the silhouettes of his pieces focused on the beauty of curves on the female figure. Each gown had a special one-of-a-kind feel, and reflected the time and careful editing put into it.


Below is one of my favorite looks from the collection. The geometric metallic pattern worked well as a standout fitted blazer, and I loved the addition of texture on the shoulders.

This pattern also looked great as pants and shorts, but I didn't like it paired with sheer pastel shirts, although I appreciated Tlale's effort to incorporate current trends to his collection. 

The beaded yellow pants below are beautifully made, but the cut was awkward. They fell too high on the waist and fit oddly in the crotch. The shrunken blazer was not adding to the look. 

All photos from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.