Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mark and Estel Spring 2014

As the Mark and Estel show commenced on a Friday night during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, my friend and I immediately used the word "fun" and then abused it till the last model exited the runway. The designers' clothes are total night-life, rock-n-roll showstoppers, and the designers themselves are FUN. So much fun that they took their bow with microphones, singing and yelling "Thanks for coming to our show!" "This show is about love!" It was totally adorable. Nobody in the jaded, fashion-week audience was not loving the fun.

We aren't seeing anything new or groundbreaking here. A few times I caught myself thinking, no, not hi-low hems, please, and no, please, no more peplum. But there were black overalls, simple and perfect dresses, and a big huge hooded cape. These clothes were interesting, sexy, and yeah, fun.
So cute that I want to say high-low hems can stay forever if they look like this.
Striking, simple silhouette. The shoulders on that jacket are perfectly, slightly '80's.
Perfect hem length, and again, beautiful shoulders. Slightly Dynasty here and that's a good thing.
Listen, people: if you're going to send a metal bodysuit reminiscent of a chastity belt down the runway, make it look this good.
It was pieces like this that made me go "Hmmm."
What? FUN. Totally, awesome, ridiculous, skeleton-fringe FUN. #neveradullmoment
If there are going to be hoods I would far prefer to look like a monk than a girl out for a jog.
Mark and Estel at their best. Cut me a fabulous long black dress and let's talk.
This sealed the deal for me. Chic overalls? #MasterStroke
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