Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dress Mate

When I was scouting H&M Herald Square last week, checking out their plethora of hats, I noticed a section on the left side of the first floor to the right of the registers. Everything looked slightly...old. In a good way. Mixed up with the fauxberry trench and some droopy Aladdin pants were some very interesting items with a big retro feel.

I couldn't get out of that little area and lucky for me because that's where I found my dress mate. Yes, I have a dress soul mate: it's stylish but shapeless, can be thrown over anything, looks good under everything, is in a dark neutral color and couldn't make me happier unless it came with a trust fund.

Hello, shapeless lover ($49.90):

I'll put on tights and take you to work;

Or I'll tart you up. You know, net stockings, killer heels;

Like a good dress mate, you'll get along well with my friends, Fauxberry;

And Hippie Faux Poncho, $59.90. Acid green acrylic sweater straight out of a yard sale (actually, 26% mohair, 27% polymide and 47% acrylic).

Go check out that first floor in Herald Square and have some fun.

H&M Herald Square, 34th Street @ 6th Avenue


La Belette Rouge said...

As you are very stylish and shapely it seems odd that your soul mate would be stylish but shapeless. I guess sometimes opposites attract.;-) I see why you love the dress and I agree that my love for it would grow if it came with a trust fund!

Seeker said...

Oh Gosh I love that dress!!!
I'm a sucker for that kind of dress, despite they must have a loose shape or my hips are much seen ;)


Anonymous said...

I would look like a sack full of live squirrels in that dress, but you pull it of perfectly! That poncho-esque sweater is much more my speed.

Kira Aderne said...

Like the dress :)

a kiss!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i love this blog, amazing premise! want to link up, so I cant constantly share this info...
you are a new yorker i take it? i used to live there, and i kid you not, every single day i miss it. <3

Anonymous said...

You are a star in that dress! And the Hippie Faux Poncho is kind of cool. Sadly, we can't think of anything fabulous to say about the slightly um... the utterly fascinating acid green creation!


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I had a dress very much like the one you tried on. It was narrower at the knees, though. I think this incarnation of the dress looks much nicer, and you look great in it. Did you buy it?

I love that crazy green poncho thingy.

Sister Wolf said...

Oooh, hideous poncho thing! Can you get it for enc??

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I love your dress mate, is that neck detailing or your own wrap scarf, it looks great!

Songy said...

My vote goes to Fauxberry.

saray said...

love the dress is coat!!

Tricia said...

Sharon - that's the dress detailing, kind of a cowl neck, love it!
enc & sister wolf - yes, enc, email me if you want me to send it your way! I think it might even cosmically be there already though, check the mail.
sal - sack of squirrels, aw, you make me miss home. did you roast squirrels at keggers in high school too?
seeker - I'm a sucker for it too!
la belette - trust funds go with everything.