Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blouse Heavy at Gap

I can't stop trying on blouses every time I visit Gap on 34th Street. I swear they get prettier each time:

57% cotton and 43% silk, these are sweet blouses;

Love this ruffle retro granny style. the white is actually pinstriped.

All blouses are $48. And the sale rack in the back of the basement has the deep V-neck pocket T's are on sale for $9.99. Soft, cut kind of sexy, they're a steal. Go small if you like them snug as they fit a little loose. Also, Gap is BOGO'ing pants. Sorry, I was so not in the mood to take off my pants and shoes, so we're top heavy today.

Pocket T, BOGO banner.

Gap, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue, just south of Herald Square


La Belette Rouge said...

I was so excited about the pant promotion but I was sad to see that it did not include jeans.

Syed said...

Love the first two blouses, and the ruffles look super :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful blouses! Is it me or is Gap getting expensive? :(

WendyB said...

The ruffle style is very nice.

Seeker said...

I gave you two awards, please check my blog.

Tricia said...

la belette - I know, me too, Banana's jeans are great!
and nancy, I kind of always want Gap to be at least $10 less!

Prunella Jones said...

Ooo I love the top two. I need to hit the mall.

Elizabeth said...

Both of those very different styles are flattering on you. How do you do it?
I really like the u-neck floral.

Songy said...

the first two look great! I love the colour and the shape.