Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Skate For Free: Part 1

I enjoyed a little shopping excursion with Jeffrey last week as he needed skates for some free Bryant Park skating. First stop, Modell's in Herald Center just south of 34th Street.

Jeff trying on hockey skates, and lacing hockey skates.

He's already burning calories.

Jeff shows me his skates. And his cute Zara boots

Why did I think skates were so expensive? At Modell's you can get a pair of hockey skates for $49.99. Jeffrey bought the CCM's, and I drooled over roller skates ($69.99, upper right). Ah, memories! Roller skating on the front porch, racing my sister around the driveway, and stories of Moms roller skating to school. Yes, she was that cool. She also tossed a baton around and was a lifeguard who could barely swim, but that's for another day.

Modell's did not have this important lacing tool (below) Jeffrey was looking for, and he said it's a must-have to lace your skates tight. So we went to Cosby's on 31st & 7th and found one:

Even hockey skates have accessories. Skate lacing tool: $1.99. Skating at The Pond at Bryant Park? Free. Admission is free, skate rental is $12, lockers are free (bring your own lock, or buy one for $9), medium bag check $7, and large bag check is $10. And while in Bryant Park visit The Holiday Shops and check out Bluet New York for the gals, and Annie's Dog Bakery and Boutique for the pet owners. Both are great resources for some special holiday gifting.

Herald Center, Broadway between 33rd & 34th
Gerry Cosby & Co. Sporting Goods, on 31st just east of 7th Avenue


Seeker said...

OHHHHH, I wish I could go and skate.


the.ramonas said...

so funny! yesterday i was watching the news... and one of the top ten free activities of new york was ice skating!


Anonymous said...

Yet another New York shop that I've heard mentioned in a Beastie Boys song and never actually visited in person. HAH.

Prunella Jones said...

I sorta want a pair of those sneakers that have rollers on them that all the little kids wear. They look so fun. Weeeeeeeeee!

Kira Aderne said...

I love roller skates! I used to love it for long time!

a kiss :)

Tricia said...

Prunella - you and my husband, he's jealous of kids who get to wear those shoes w/wheels.

Elizabeth said...

No skating in my town!

Songy said...

only wish there was such a thing as skating on concrete or something it's too warm in Perth for ice skating.

Tricia said...

wait, enc, and no roller skating? In California? I don't believe it!
Songy - get the roller skates! or those newfangled things, rollerblades.