Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nautica Family at the Beach

Gratuitous beach baby shot (with Nautica in background!)
Nautica approached Fashion Herald about sponsoring a family day at the beach,* and once we heard Macy's is one of Nautica's biggest sellers, we said Yes! Be sure to check out Nautica's big summer sale (60% off) to find clothing and gear like this:

This fabulous beach chair with headrest and pockets on each side. It also folds down so you can rotate without touching sand.

As you can see I had to work hard to keep possession of my Nautica gear while on family vacation. The beach chair was highly coveted: First Baby Herald, and then Grandpa, who had a "bad back" and needed the support and comfortable pillow. In that second shot above I'm showing off the really handy bag-within-a-bag in the Nautica tote, perfect for keeping cameras and Flips sand-free.

Octopus & rattle not by Nautica. We believe octopus has been surrendered to the ocean gods.

And the Nautica aviators I'm wearing? I had to fight to keep Grandpa and my husband from stealing them. My husband liked the fit of the Nauticas and his dad loved the brown tint. Killing me.

I also had to keep an eye on my tote. Baby Herald is sporting an adorable Nautica bathing suit in these pictures. Her full-on SPF spacesuit in the previous shots is for walks in the sun because she has the whitest skin ever.

My new stepmom-in-law greatly approved of the Nautica coverup I'm wearing in all shots. I think she's online now about to click and buy. I adore it: there's a hoodie and I like the full coverage for beach walks because my skin hates the sun. I also wore it for chilly evenings and even fell asleep in it one night. Hey, I'm on vacation and it's really comfortable.

Nobody, however, got their hands on my orange towel. I have a thing about cute beach towels.

But the brother-in-law got the Nautica bathing suit my husband is wearing above as it was too big. Poor guy is lamenting the loss. He has 3 pairs of swim trunks and complains about every pair every summer, but these he was raving about. He was very excited about the fit, the drawstring, the elastic...all this from a guy who could care less about clothes.

Updated to add: I almost forgot the umbrella, my most important beach accessory! I loaned this to the in-laws, and when they returned from the beach they said: Nice umbrella. I concur. Plus it matches the chair, my coverup, and my husband's Nautica shirt and shorts. We have never been so matching in our lives.

Be sure to look for Nautica at Macy's Herald Square. The men's department is huge and is where you'll find my husband swimsuit shopping next week.

*All Nautica gear was given to Fashion Herald for a test run at the beach. Family holiday sponsored by Grandpa.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue


Susan said...

haha, love this series! We have a nautica umbrella from BnBath and we love it. It is the best beach umbrella ever.

WendyB said...

So funny to me how babies are bundled up for the beach these days. They look like they're dressed for winter!

Tricia said...

Susan - I love the umbrella. But the chair totally won me over, b/c we were previously just a beach towel family.
WendyB - The spacesuit is a lifesaver if we're out for long, I don't have to worry about slathering a squirming, sandy baby with sunscreen!

etoilee8 said...

You all are so cute!

Anonymous said...

love the chairs and umbrellas! unfortunately, i haven't been able to find these exact styles. where did you buy them?

The Preppy Princess said...

I am loving these, Baby Herald is clearly meant to loll about on the beach, born for it, I see the French Riviera in her future. The pictures are loads of fun, you look great! The post does a great job explaining why I remain a Nautica fan.

Sending you a smile,