Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Kind of a Material Girl Are You?

Of all of Madonna's early videos, Borderline was my favorite. That was the Madonna I wanted to be: boyish, tough, and sexy. When most people think Madonna, they think poufy Like a Virgin skirts, but I preferred the Borderline girl with baggy pants, tough denim vests, and very girly underpinnings. Of course, Material Girl was inspired not just by Madonna, but her daughter Lola, too. When I visited Material Girl in the junior's department of Macy's Herald Square, however, I was looking for my classic Madonna.

Nothing says 80's Madonna more than a black lace hoodie ($22) and girly bandeau ($5-$6). Purple jeans throughout are also Material Girl ($30).

This one's all Madonna in back ($28).

If the left isn't Madonna circa "Papa Don't Preach" I'll eat my half-lace gloves. Striped top, $18.
The vest (right) is part of a limited-edition Material Girl line at Macy's Herald Square and is "hand-picked by the Material Girl."

Sure, Madonna did plaid in the early days, but this says Lola to me.

Baggy pink sweatshirt with star studs? Madonna.

LBD ($22)? Neither, this is just an LBD with a little shoulder detail. Fit and fabric are great for the price. And the grey, sweatshirt jacket ($34)? The neon yellow lining is Madonna, the rest not so much.

Just another bandage skirt, but a steal at $26. The top of the mannequin skews Lola, the bottom is all Madonna. Stay away from the faux fur vest, it's pretty awful.
But go get that striped mini for $16.

The quality was a few steps above what one would expect from an inexpensive junior line. I was impressed. The skirts and the jackets, in particular, are a great deal for the weight of fabric and cut. Here's my dream, future Material Girl pieces: more literal Madonna please, esp: crazy hats and hair bows, graffiti jacket (Borderline), and clothes right out of Desperately Seeking Susan. You know I'm talking pyramid leather jacket.

Madonna, master of the boyfriend jackets and vests.

Material Girl collection at Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street btwn Broadway & 7th Ave


WendyB said...

I still have my Borderline heart earrings!

Midtown Girl said...

My fav is her Like a Prayer vid!! Love the LBD & the striped skirt - show off those amazing gams doll!! <3

Anonymous said...

Definitely Borderline. No question.