Thursday, August 19, 2010

MNG at JCPenney Manhattan Mall

Here are some of Intern Craig's picks from his visit yesterday to JCPenney's MNG by Mango in-store boutique.

Craig loved this trench, but the $159.90 price tag not so much. The sales associate said prices were dropping soon.I think Craig knew I would adore these booties ($150): a perfect basic with an elegant line.
Ditto to the blouse ($49.90): Craig did not like this, but I love it! Luckily the sales associate told him it was her favorite so Craig humored her and took this picture.
Black shirtdress with a spin: slightly bigger shoulders and cut slim through the torso, $49.90.
This is a nice start, but I'm investigating further in the dressing room this week. Craig's complaint? He felt the collection skewed conservative and wanted to see more trendy, Mango-strong pieces (the MNG on the JCPenney website looks very tempting). Try this: when you stop by MNG at JCPenney Manhattan Mall and don't see what you want, tell the sales associates. I do this all the time at my neighborhood grocery store, and now they stock French cider, organic baby cereal, and Santa Cruz strawberry lemonade.

MNG by Mango at JCPenney Manhattan Mall

Lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd Street & 6th Avenue


Midtown Girl said...

These pieces are so city-chic! But the prices are a bit out of JCP range, no?? IF they were a little less, I would be all over them!

Julie said...

You have to remember that these pieces come right out of Mango stores into JCPenney's Mango display boutiques. The prices are going to be the same but don't forget, JCPenney has coupons usually like $10 off $50 or $15 off $75! So you can shop for this high end brand and get it for a decent price. Mango is a high end European brand known around the world. Don't expect big markdowns
This is good for JCPenney because Sephora inside JCPenney boutiques are extremely successful.
The Call it Spring line by Aldo inside JCPenney launching soon will honestly just make JCPenney the best place for a one stop shop

Tricia said...

Hi, Julie - Can you tell us about the Call it Spring inside JCPenney, and how it will be different from the Call it Spring that opened on the first floor of Manhattan Mall? Thanks!

Julie said...

"The brand is slated to debut this fall in JCP’s Manhattan store in Herald Square and is scheduled to roll out to 100 JCP stores and in the spring, as well as to 500 more stores in fall 2011."

This is what I read on a website. I am confused as to why the brand did not launch inside of the JCPenney store in Manhattan mall. but instead it opened on the first floor. It says it will officially launch by the Spring of 2011 inside of 100 JCPenney stores so I dk about why the store launched solo instead of inside of JCPenney like they stated. Did you end up buying any of the Mango clothing at JCPenney?

Anonymous said...

IT ALL WENT ON SALE TODAY!!!! Plus they have a $10 off for it online.

I picked up the trench for $115 and the booties for $110!!!! Love Them!

Plus they have some adorable grey suede booties from Worthington that I picked up for only $40. Definitely a new favorite place to shop!