Friday, August 27, 2010

On Board: Nautica's Blogger Cruise

The other night I was graciously invited to join Nautica on a little cruise around the New York harbor, and it was a blast. On board from bow to stern were gorgeous New York fashion bloggers looking, naturally, fabulous (see WendyB, and StyleIt). I, unfortunately, suffered from windblown hair.

The perfect hair cut for boat rides: My husband had just visited Fade to Famous in Greenpoint.
Me, not so much. All our iphone photos were blurry so here's my tough girl shot: Don't mess with me, I'm on a rocking boat with heels.

The Statue of Liberty was looking very good. We've never cruised the New York harbor before and I highly recommend it.

Also looking really good was the Nautica holiday 2010 lookbook. I want the men's anchor sweater:

And here's why Macy's Herald Square should carry the full Nautica women's line (the men's is available at Macy's Herald Square):

Impressive, right? Classic with a twist, just the way I like my classic.

Updated to add: Kati complained that I'm not smiling in my picture above. So here are my blurry smiling shots with windblown hair:

Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street btwn Broadway & 7th Ave


Midtown Girl said...

Love the pics!!! I am doing mine over the weekend with some windy hair blown versions - LOL!! XOXO

WendyB said...

Your pics are adorable. Your smile shines through the blur and the wind!

Kati said...

yes! these smiling ones are great! whyd you hide them

Tricia said...

Midtown Girl - But now all I want is Midtown Girl on video! Ok, I want to see your Nautica shots, too :)
WendyB - Now that is the sweetest comment ever!
Kati - thanks to you. And these miraculously make me 10 years younger. Blurry photos=dark lighting in clubs :)