Monday, August 23, 2010

Really Great Black Pants

It's been a long time since I've thought about buying a new pair of black pants, mostly thanks to Theory (bought 10 years ago and still going strong) and Daffy's Herald Square (Patrizia Pepe, bought almost 3 years ago).

How many black pants does a girl need? Before Gap redesigned them, my answer was "2." Now, after visiting Gap Herald Square, I'm thinking "4 or 5."

#1: Really Skinny skinnies. For black pants, these are really skinny. Really. I think the picture below & above says "Really Skinny Pants." It also says, as all good skinny pants should, "Really long legs." Of course I'm cheating here a little because I do have long legs and these are "L's" (petites available online). Cut of these is Really Awesome.

Green utility jacket is $89.50. I like it very much but my torso is long for it. Is pigeon-toed the new awkward blogger pose, or am I late to the party?

#2. Slim Crop. I think my ideal slim crop is Cher's clam diggers in Mermaids. These are a close second.

I would actually spend $24.50 on this grey tank because it's long and soft as silk.
#3. True Straight. These are true-blue straight black pants, and the perfect basic for office work. I'm trying to show the waistband as they don't sit too low or high. They also don't hug the body as you can see the slightly baggy fall over the knees. True straight are no-brainer, comfortable blacks.

Other new, black Gap pants:

Boy Fit: No one likes a boy fit more than me, and these do the job nicely. But right now I'm looking for super skinny or super wide. Purple sweater is $59.50.

Modern boot: less thrilling for me. I was hoping the boot cut would be a little more exaggerated. Shawl collar sweater is $49.50.

I'm usually a 6-8 at Gap, and the 8's all fit me perfect. Before you go yelling "vanity-sizing," understand that pre-Baby Herald I was a 6, and post-BH I'm an 8. I think Patrick Robinson is guiding the fit of his pants in the right direction (away from vanity sizing), but you size 0-4's may strongly disagree. I'd love to hear what you small sizes think about the fit of these new black pants.

All black pants are $59.50 except for the slim crop & true straight, which are $49.50.

Gap Herald Square, 34th Street & Broadway


WendyB said...

You look great in all of them! Nice legs, girl!

eeps said...

curses! i saw them while walking past the gap and thought no one would those fit me properly. they look awesome on you! now i must return to gap to try them on. ... so... lazy...