Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Dress Travels on 34th Street

Kati shops Daffy's Herald Square for today's guest staff post, and helps Fashion Herald discover maybe two degrees of 34th Street separation with a Ben Sherman dress?

Daffy’s is a good place to shop for inspiration when you feel like buying something, but you’re unsure as to exactly what. True to this idea, I ended up in the Daffy’s dressing room yesterday with a random assortment of styles and colors – none of which I was particularly looking for…

White and Warren cotton dress, $23.99 (originally $90).
There’s a large rack full of White and Warren cotton in a variety of colors. Mostly dresses like the above, and extra long tee-style tunics.

I’ve been in love with poppy red lately, so I grabbed this Calvin Klein dress on a whim ($59.99, orig $138). It’s not my regular style, but I loved it so much I actually bought it. (Agh FH, why did you send me out to spend money!?!)

There were also two racks of Ben Sherman at very deep discount. I liked this turquoise knit dress, and found the quality to be worth way more than the $29.99 price tag. I was pretty excited about the blazer on the hanger, but it turned out to be cut strangely when I tried it on – certain parts were too large, and others too small.

Ben Sherman Blazer $39.99 (orig $259), Ben Sherman Sweater Dress $29.99 (orig $119)


(Editor's note: Aha! Look, this Ben Sherman dress has gone full-circle on 34th Street! Here it is back in March at Macy's Herald Square. Obviously a sign that I have to go buy it.)

Other finds:
Patrizia Pepe $69.99 (orig $286);
Green blouse $16.99 (orig $42)

This was weird, but so close to being good! Unfortunately the details are probably a little too clownish, and the neckline is an awkward length that requires a shirt underneath ($13.99, was $78). 
And last, I think this piece could be dressed up nicely with the right accessories – perhaps a pair of higher end shoes and a belt ($29.99, was $89).

Daffy's Herald Square, Herald Center, 34th & Broadway


Make Do Style said...

Some good bargains and the yellow is great but a tad awkward indeed. I like it tho

WendyB said...

That dress is stalking you.