Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Banana Heritage: Now on Sale

When I was stalking the slouchy/skinny jeans at Banana Republic on 34th Street, I checked out The Heritage Collection. It's all very light, airy, and safari (thus the "heritage" name as it's a throw-back to the hardcore safari-decor days: jeep, trees, and monkeys screaming on the PA). But this season the mags are not calling it "safari" but "travel-inspired." Travel-inspired is a broad category for me as I travel in everything. My sister still makes fun of me for taking ballet slippers to Thailand twenty years ago.

Such a pirate shirt, but somehow works it out OK in my book. Maybe there could be fewer ties hanging round.Sheer, light-weight fabrics that will be a dream in the summer city heat.

Perfect safari type of jacket. I need a pith helmet with this, and a smaller size, I think I tried on an 8. And I want this new Heritage asymmetric jacket I saw online.

Most of this was in store recently and on sale, so go get inspired for your travel this spring and summer. Or you could just pick up some tops and a jacket for work.

Banana Republic, 34th Street between 5th & 6th


WendyB said...

Get one of those pith helmets with a fan attached. Chic!

Make Do Style said...

Love the travel inspired motif instead of safari - I'll be using that for work!