Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Practically Free Boyfriend Shirt

Tedious, my going on and on about this white boyfriend shirt from JCPenney's she said, but I dropped by JCPenney Manhattan Mall today to finally buy it. I was expecting it to be $17.99, the clearance price listed and confirmed by the price-check scanner (addictive!). But at the register it became $5.97. I then asked the clerk several times "Really? It's just $5?" How quickly $5.97 turns to $5.00 in my shopping brain. And because I had saved so much money, I ran to infants to get Baby Herald something.*

American Living denim jumper for babies, $17.99 on sale. Seahorse sold separately.

Moral of this shopping story: Go to JCPenney and help them move out their clearance because now it's all practically free.

*And my purchases were actually free as I used a $25 gift card received at the JCPenney Back-to-School press preview.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd & 6th


Midtown Girl said...

I love this shirt on you!

Does baby herald have a twitter yet?Sooo adorable

One of these days I will have to meet you while shopping on fact I have to get my eyebrows done there very soon too... ;-)

WendyB said...

If it were any cheaper they'd have to pay you!

Tricia said...

Midtown Girl - Baby Herald Twitter, brilliant. I think she's ready to expand her online presence!
WendyB - Making money shopping, now that's a great job:)

Make Do Style said...

That shirt looks fab! Baby Herald indeed!