Friday, April 23, 2010

Bears Trump Kiras

The Kira Plastinina storefront is finally gone from 34th Street, and there's a new bear in town. Did you all know the bear is Who.A.U.'s mascot? I discovered this recently. That bear looks adorable with that surfboard. And Baby Herald's pink teddy bear is adorable. But please don't go hanging out up close with the real ones. Yes, I recently saw the Herzog film Grizzly Man. Holy whoa!

On a lighter note, I spoke with the Who.A.U people recently and they are predicting a mid-May opening date. There should be a pre-opening tour, so stay posted for pictures and more.

Who.A.U. opening predicted mid-May at 22 W. 34th St. btwn 5th & 6th Aves.


Elizabeth said...


39th and Broadway said...

Finally, the Kira store was such a joke.

So what is up with Bloomberg's new 30m plan to alter 34th? Pedestrian only from Broadway to Madison?

Tricia said...

enc - i'm curious to see the store, never been in a who.a.u. before.
39th - Guess what i'm wearing right now?! a kira tank! i thought it'd be a rare collector piece, like my Esppit hat from my opening night gift bag.
And yes, looks like 34th between 5th & Broadway will be part pedestrian plaza and part bus rapid transit - no cars. Retailers on that block should be pretty happy about this - shoppers too.