Thursday, April 8, 2010

Green and BOGO'd at Payless 34th Street

Yes, I do wait for the ever-impending BOGO 1/2 off Payless sale to pick up basic flats and pumps to beat up for the summer. The very green pump will be BOGO'd along with the alice+olivia sparkle-overload flat. The blue and yellow are quite the colors, too, but the green caught my eye first. BOGO'ing should bring my total to around $36.47.

Katie BOGO'd the other day, also, when she did her annual spring flat shopping. These are by American Eagle also. Right is me in the green flats.

I'm also wearing my old red Abaete flats, which are sadly too small post-pregnancy and really hurt. No sign of Abaete in Payless this season. Has the collab ended? And how about Patricia Field for Payless? I've got inquiries in regarding both. Although the Abaete's were disappointing the last few seasons, the Patricia Field's were always fun.

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