Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Payless Spring Revue

I was practically singing and dancing on the second floor of Payless on 34th Street last evening. Across the street and safe from the free makeup queue outside Macy's Herald Square, I was yet again freaking out the sweet Payless salesgirls with my mirror shoe photography.

alice + olivia get best in show:

Patent sling wedge w/ square toe. You can't underestimate the height of alice + olivia wedges.

Sing it, "FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN." Pink leopard sling wedge? FUN. Not yet online.

Also not online are my absolute favorites, this perfect platform-heeled, sling strapped, shoe-boot thing. I was speaking in tongues when I first tried them on.

Can't forget the Abaete's, the would-be star of the show. I'm afraid they underwhelmed.

The gladiator sandal, see the baggy strap on the left? That was not in Lucky mag.
I'd also like to see the light blue version from the runway show, which would be great for spring's ubiquitous pastels.

The following really suffered from bad wardrobe. But I could not take stockings off on the floor of Payless and make the salesgirls run screaming.

Really need to go barefoot with these beige ones, & a mesh mule is no mesh bootie.

Perhaps later in the season we'll see the fabulous mesh boot? I'm just not a mule girl as we've got a bad history. Also, that Abaete heel is 4 inches and it makes a girl teeter. Honestly it doesn't feel like it can hold me up for long.

All in all, definitely a good show at Payless. I'm now going to get all shoe groupie on the hopefully incoming Patricia Field for Payless spring collection. I love how her shoes are released on a totally different schedule from the other designer collections. Obviously the diva of the show.

Payless, 110 W. 34th @ Broadway & 484 8th Avenue @ 34th St.


Jillian Hobbs said...

none of them blow me away but they're not terrible either

La Belette Rouge said...

I am going to Payless!!!

WendyB said...

I like me some wedges.

Anonymous said...

I LOOVE the cheetah print wedges and the last a+o sandal you posted. When they are put up online I am buying ASAP. =) Are the sizes pretty true to size?

Kira Aderne said...

I hope I can find good sales off in march too! great shoes!

a kiss for you girl!

Anonymous said...

That first pair of patent wedges is fantastic!

Kati said...

a mesh mule? oh no. no, no, no.

Syed said...

Loove the first pair and those second are kinda crazy cool.

Anonymous said...

You really do the shoe very well Miss fashion - love the "shoe girls run screaming" visual!

ButterflyDiary said...

They are ok, but I really like the black wedge

hannah said...

wow! i love them! i must go check them out!

Seeker said...

That first pair is really great, and the gladiator sandal.

Have a nice weekend


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

they sure made some fabulous shoes for payless! great post!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-oh what fabulous shoes here, lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

Great shoes selection, they look fantastic !

Anonymous said...

Hi, wondering if you can help me out. Not really related to payless, but to do their shoes run half a size small? I really want a pair they have but would hate getting the wrong one. Thanks.:)

Danz said...

Love the pink leopard print wedges. There are quite a few pairs of shoes (in my size!!) that I'd like to get from Payless but they don't accept non-US credit cards nor do they ship to my country. That really.....really sucks.

Tricia said...

Danz - email me. We'll talk!
Glamouricious - I'll drop by this week and try on their brand name shoes - honestly I can't remember. Their spring line is impressive.
Little Style Box - not bad, yes?!
Sharon - no payless in England, huh?
Jen - their designer collections get better every season.
seeker - the wedge is a big hit.
hannah - go, run to payless!
BD - the lela rose's are really cute too, just a lot like their recent shipment.
TP - you know those girls think I'm nuts in that store.
Dapper - crazy cool, exactly.
Sal - adorable! you need it.
Kira - spring is already being discounted in some stores, I don't think you'll have a problem!
Farren - I emailed you, but yes, I'm a nine and it fit perfect.
Wendy - Seems like the wedge is here to stay.
la belette - yay, and I love the puppy picture!
Jillian - you have to try a pair on for fun, as my pics don't always do them justice.

Grayburn said...

Oooh yah, definitely black shoes for me for all seasons and always!

x Grayburn

paanie said...

love those platform-heeled, sling-strapped shoe boot things!