Thursday, January 1, 2009

Favorites: 2008

Enough with this 2008 blogging! Well, except for some circa 2008 34th Street favorites:


My Nike lo dunks and sun-burst Converse, both from Foot Locker; my wooden Gap Pierre Hardy platforms, with many apologies to my downstairs neighbors; the navy GeeWaWa's I just got on sale at Daffy's for $24.99; and my yellow rainboots from Macy's that allow me to walk straight through major curb puddles.


paper denim cloth from Strawberry, the blues are a perfect straight peg-legged jean; and the Radcliffe's from Daffy's Herald Square, the brown are great for work and the blacks are so soft I wear them as often as possible.


My purple Celia Birtwell from Express blouse (tres boho chic!); the polka dot CdG for H&M cardigan; my Chaiken sweater from Daffy's which I bought end of '07 but didn't officially wear till '08; and my green Paul Stuart sweater bought at a Soiffer Haskin sale.


This Paramita sample dress from Daffy's that received a compliment from a very chic older woman when I wore it to a charity function (those are the best kinds of compliments).


Bitten gold headband that oddly looks good with everything, hides my roots and doesn't give me a headache; my Fiberwig mascara from Sephora that still doesn't shed or give me panda/raccoon/koala eyes; and beloved Paul Stuart scarf also from sale.

It's going to be a challenging retail year, this 2009. But I'm feeling up for it, aren't you? I think hunkering down, dodging bullets like credit card debt and overflowing dresser drawers is not necessarily a bad thing. And look, I was making a concerted effort last year to not spend a lot of money. The most expensive thing on the above list were the Pierre Hardy platforms that cost, as I recall, around $120. So here I will do my little plug thing: keep the faith and shop 34th Street in '09! Enjoy your new year's weekend.


Syed said...

I love the Paramita dress and Dunks! Annnd the scarf is wonderful :) Hope you had a super New Years :)

Fashion Addict said...

The wooden Gap platforms were really cute! Loved those! Have a great year! And I look for many more wonderful posts!

Seeker said...

Nice stuff from 2008, have a Happy 2009, dear


Lipstick said...

Happy New Year!!!

BTW, your word verification was hipride. I think the Google is on to something cause your blog is one hip ride. Hugs.

Jillian Hobbs said...

ohhh i love the dress!


Anonymous said...

Lady, you cleaned up ... and on a really reasonable budget. Hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve!

yiqin; said...

I want that dress!!! Happy new year!

Prunella Jones said...

I need to try that mascara!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-fabulous post, you picked up some superb bargains!! Snap! I have the Celia Birtwell for Topshop blouse with the bows, I adore it too!

the.ramonas said...

miss herald! havent seen each other in a while! happy new year! looking forward for your 2009 posts...

ps- i also use fiberwig mascara from sephora! the best


Tricia said...

ahh, ladies, could we have a consensus from east to west? Yes, it's called Fiberwig! Best cosmetic name evah.
And Sharon is with me on the Celia, that blouse was CUTE.
I hope you all are enjoying the new year vacation as much as I am. Although in 48 I'm back and happy on the 3-4. OK, yes, i've spent my entire vacation watching The Wire, and now I dream and speak Baltimore! Omg. Soon I will be speaking again of Boho Chic, sigh.

ButterflyDiary said...

I agree, the trick for 2009 will be to be stylish for much much less. And we can do it!