Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Day, Good Shoes

When a girl is having a terrible, no good, very bad day, she goes to look at shoes. That's how I found these black alice + olivia ankle boots, size 9, at Payless on 34th Street. They're not free, like Farren's, but for $17 they're almost free. I'm taking bets that these are the last pair for sale in the world. What the heck, I'm in a dramatic mood.

And then I spotted the Patricia Field black platform, over-the-knee pirate boots. Definitely there are two size 9's left in store, and they're on sale for $47 (or $49?). And they are sold out online. And they are freaking hot on a girl's leg, and the fit is surprisingly sexy. There are virtually no baggy areas; instead they fit snug almost everywhere.

These boots go on forever. You will be very tall and pirate-like in these boots.

Tomorrow I'll post the new Abaete's, etc. Thanks to a keen-eyed tipster I was alerted to their presence on the website today, so I ran down to 34th Street to see if they are in store. Yes, they are in store. So are new Lela Rose's and new alice + olivia's. There's good news, and bad news, and then some really good news. But on the whole, Payless designer collections for spring are really killing it. Impressed.

Payless, 110 W. 34th Street @ Broadway


Prunella Jones said...

Yarr lass, them pirate's boots are pure treasure.

Lipstick said...

Well, I am sold. I want to be tall AND pirate-like.

Anonymous said...

Oh those over the knee boots are hot! Wish I could lay my hands on a pair of those!

Anonymous said...

I hope you got those pirate boots! They look amazing on you. =) And I have to agree. For $17 they are practically free.

Do you know if the sandals posted up for the designer collections on Payless are just some of the ones becuase I know they aren't goign to only come out with 1 or 2 for each collection, right? More have got to be coming out soon,e h?

Kira Aderne said...

The prices are amazing!

I hope I can find them in march too :)
a kiss my friend!

love your blog!!!

bowerbird said...

Yes! Shoes always, always make me feel better.
I wish Payless in Australia were that fashion forward

Anonymous said...

I can just HEAR the snide comments I'd get from Husband Mike for wearing those amazing boots ... but I'd stomach any criticism for those a+o's.

Captain Smack said...

I continue to be mystified by this bizarre female obsession with footware, but I fully support the wearing of black thigh-highs.


Tricia said...

Captain Smack - brilliant summation of the heterosexual male opinion on feminine foot and leg wear.
Sal - if only they were 8's! but i think the new a+o's are going to make up for a lot.
bowerbird - that's tragic, payless needs to send these to Australia!
kira - there should still be some left in march.
farren - i know what you're thinking, where are the booties?? I'm praying they'll come in later, and yes, payless does stagger collections.
fash adddict - yup, totally hot!
lipstick - you need these, they'll look great on you.
pru - i couldn't think of "Yarr" last night, just "ahoy matey!" not the same.

Kira Aderne said...

I Just linked your last post at my blog. Thanks a lot for the great information!

a kiss for you

TheMinx said...

I agree-Payless has been stepping up to the fashion plate lately! My favorite winter boots everr were bought from there for a cool 25 dollars :)

Unknown said...

OMG...those O&A ..for $17!!! They're fab! Who woulda thought, Payless? I may need to visit one soon.