Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New York Thrift

I received a comment from the lovely Kira of KiraFashion asking about thrift shops in New York for her March trip, so I'm posting a list of co-worker favorites and am encouraging other New Yorkers to contribute in comments. Perhaps together we can compile a decent list. None, of course, are in the 34th Street district, but we do like to help our visitors here so I think I can sacrifice the street for one day. Yes, we don't just obsess about trash cans, we also have a Visitor Services department here at the 34th Street Partnership (I'd normally put a link in here to our website, but it's being redesigned and the old one is very, very old, as in embarrassing old).


Angel Street Thrift Shop. They also have a Greenpoint location.
Baltic Bazaar Thrift in charming Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.
Beacon's Closet. The second-hand store everyone in Brooklyn loves to hate.
Housing Works Thrift Shop many locations in NYC.
Also be sure to go here for NYC's best bargain stores.

Kati recommended these

10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas ("absolute favorite ever, reasonable prices, well organized")
Flores Antique Clothing
Screaming Mimi's ("higher end")
Zachary Smile ("vintage and original pieces made from vintage redesigns")

Ethan, our thrifter extraordinaire, recommends this
New York Magazine site, and

Flea markets around the city
Shops on St. Mark's Place

Cheap Jacks
Salvation Army
Vintage sellers on Pier 94 in March (link is to a blog post about the sale in '07, the only info I could find yet). Sellers may be at Metropolitan Pavilion before March.

Gorgeous blogger

Frock on Orchard Street [and we all know if it's from Wendy it's going to be fabulous vintage]

Arms Akimbo boys (I have to quote direct as, well, they're fabulous):

"Us girls love us some thrift, where else can you find a good solid tranny heel?... also next door to [Angel Thrift] you should go to Pippin for the costume jewelry and their furs. They have a lot of vintage 30s and 40s furs and also pillbox hats. What about Tokyo Joe...they have a massive amount of good designer accessories and a rotating selection of clothes. New stuff arrives daily. Also great is Junk in Brooklyn, they have a lot of random things you need, like gladiator belts. Same for About Glamour, where I bought a salmon quilted button-down shift dress. Both in Williamsburg! XO."

Another from Ethan:

Collecther, 306 Franklin Avenue, Bed-Stuy, 347-658-7857. Read more about this great thrift shop here on Brooklyn Based.

Found on other sites:

INA Men's Designer Consignment Boutique,
262 Mott St. between Prince and Houston, 212-334-2210. Men's only but comes highly recommended by Derek of Derek Loves Shopping.

Jeffrey recommends:

218 W. 14th St. between 7th & 8th. "So good. Great place for statement pieces, cummerbunds, and 70's ___-esque gear." (fill in the blank!)

New vintage stores From Ethan and TONY:

Laurel Canyon, 63 Thompson St. between Broome & Spring Sts. 212-343-1658.
Illisa's Vintage Lingerie, The Show Place, 40 W. 25th btwn Broadway & 6th. 212-627-2800.
The Clothing Warehouse, 8 Prince St. at Elizabeth. 212-343-1967.
Odd Twin Vintage, 164 Fifth Ave. at DeGraw St., Park Slope, Brooklyn.

This is a work in progress so be kind. I'll have it posted for visitors on the left so check back for updates.


Kira Aderne said...

Thanks a lot!!!
I am so happy to have this information! I really wanna to know the best from NYC and wouldn´t be the same without going to the best vintage stores!

Thanks a lot for this post!
So important!!!

a kiss and a hug,


TheSundayBest said...

One should never give away one's vintage locations - fashion is merciless.

Seeker said...

Cool, pity we have no thrift shops here.


Tricia said...

no problem, Kira, hope this gives you a good start!
and no worries, Sunday Best, these are quite publicized and well known shops. vintage isn't much of a secret here anymore.

WendyB said...

Don't forget Frock on Orchard Street for designer pieces :-)

Daphney said...

kira plastinina closing saddens me everyday,do you think they'll keep the site up?
and a major THANK YOU because the only thrift shop I know is Beacon's closet

Tricia said...

Daphney - I doubt it, they've closed all their US locations. but so far the website is still up, go visit, but there's not much left!

Anonymous said...

Saving this Miss Fashion - we are *so* saving this.

Sister Wolf said...

Waaaah, I wanna go to New York.

Kira Aderne said...

I have to check those new ads !

thanks thanks thanks!