Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dry and Brown Shampoo

Remember my old posts testing the Rene Furterer dry shampoo I got at Sephora on 34th Street? Remember how I was frustrated that it didn't last longer?* And then I yammered on about wanting more for my money? Remember how I said I was going to test a cheaper brand?

Well, instead of sticking with my stylist's backup, Psssssst, I was seduced away by this Salon Grafix dry shampoo I found at the Duane Reade by the Empire State Building. Why seduced? Because I was enamored by its dual functions: dry shampoo, and spray-on color. Yes, a dull brown tint that cannot possibly match any brunette's color EVER in the history of brunettes. This dry shampoo cost around $7. And it works perfectly well if you like a brown powder on your head that leaves a brown residue on anything your head touches, such as:

  • White walls in conference rooms during meetings;
  • Pillowcases, including those at my husband's grad school digs which really freaked him out as he thought a very dirty person was fooling around in his bed;
  • White blouses;
  • Under your nails if you scratch your head.
I could go on. But this time I learned the messy way that sometimes it really is worth the extra money for a quality product. And I need to remember that spray-on color anything is usually a bad idea.

None of this, unfortunately, will stop me from getting an awful spray-on tan someday. And probably right before a major public event.

*actually it lasted almost 3 months but obviously I get stupid when things I like run out.

Duane Reade, northwest corner of 34th & 5th


WendyB said...

Bwah ha ha! Will put on my list of things to avoid.

La Belette Rouge said...

This stuff sounds extremely nasty. Thanks for the warning.

Anonymous said... least now we know, thanks for being a guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

Oh, if this wasn't made for TP, what is? God love you for being a guinea pig with toxic chemicals on our behalf. :-)


Songy said...

Oh Cool! I'll have to look for this in amazon or something. I've been avoiding dry shampoo because the whitish colour...

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