Friday, January 16, 2009

I was a Teenage Heavy Metal Groupie

Yesterday morning it was snowing so I visited Forever 21 on 34th Street. Practically alone I cruised the store and wrestled tightly packed clothing off racks. Ahh, fast-fashion luxury.

And I couldn't get beyond the front racks as they were packed full of retro 80's gear that stimulated a myriad of emotions. I flew through the initial shock, sped past denial, and jumped right into sentimental reminiscing. And suddenly I was back in the throes of one of the music world's most guilty, undeniable, and shameful pleasures: the metal era.

Day metal-wear. The black wash tight red jeans ($19.80) are a classic. And all my metal boys wore were hoodies ($22.80). Sigh.

Baseball T's too, they all wore baseball T's ($17.80).

You ain't metal if you got no leather. Or something that closely resembles leather ($27.80). Ruffle print top, $19.80. It's too ruffly for metal, but that's why God made harness vests w/leather straps, $22.80.

Hair metal girls wore the super tight, short dresses, spike heels and as much cleavage as possible. Suck, cough, I mean such metal trappings are also to be had at F21. But I was more into the bass thumping, head-banging metal, where your drink falls off the bar it's so deafeningly loud. Sigh, memories.

Forever 21, 50 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th


Seeker said...

Looking fab my dear!!!


Lipstick said...

OMG!!! You totally look like you need to have Sebastian Bach hanging onto one arm and Bret Michaels on the other!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-the ruffle top is fabulous!

Make Do Style said...

Well worked!!

WendyB said...

Makes me want to break into a chorus of Ratt's Round and Round.

Prunella Jones said...

Oooo I want everything pictured. And happily, I can afford it!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

you know i love rock and roll :)

and isnt forever 21 too good sometimes? x

Anonymous said...

i wish i were alive to have seen that phase. lol. i can't believe that there are actually still peopel who cling on to that way of dressing. but, to each their own! i'm going to e-mail you with my address for the sheos because i'm not sure you still have it?

Anonymous said...

You are totally pulling this off! I don't think I can do rock chick if only because I'm so boring!

Sister Wolf said...

My son likes to remind me that I used to have a crush on Bruce Dickinson.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you look ridiculously hot in that last outfit. I mean, seriously.

andtheend. said...

hey, you're the only one i know to ask about this.
is this

Tricia said...

andtheend - yes, for real. Go to Butterfly Diary in my blog roll, she had a big thing on it last week.
sal - you are too kind!
sister - who didn't? so many favorite maiden songs, so little time.
ambika - i'm sensing a good halloween costume here.
farren - if you'd been alive, you most likely would have been horrified.
krystal - exactly, sometimes everything is so on!
pru - the joy of F21.
wendy - wasn't that the video with milton berle?
make do - there's a lot to work with in that store these days.
sharon - that ruffle top is great, and goes with everything.
lipstick - wow, you can speak metal!
seeker - rock on!

Songy said...

Oh Look at that sexy back!
I was doing just that - head banging... last night at the Nick Cave concert! :)

Michelle said...

hello leather pants.