Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daffy for Dresses

The season is upon us; in some Brooklyn neighborhoods Christmas decorations were hung the day after Halloween. Although the Herald is staunchly opposed to this kind of premature holiday exhibitionism, it is a reminder that soon the parties will be multiplying like bunnies.

There will be office parties, intimate dinner parties, and family parties, all of which may require varied attire. Daffy’s has it all on the 6th floor. Take your time. Those dress racks are packed tight and the gems can be well-hidden. Here’s what was in store the other day:

This dress looks ridiculous on me (right*), but I'm convinced this is a total winner for some other girl. I'm thinking hipster it up with dark leggings and round toe pumps. Prepare for dumb drunken snowflake comments.

I love these casual dresses (left, $23.99*) because they’re easy and you can, you know, day into night, blah, blah. They’re on the rack right in front of the dressing room in different colors and styles. The black has great sleeves, just add belt + heels + leggings.

I bought this (near right) because I have lots of jeans and T's and it's time to grow up. This Italian number (Flavio Castellani) costs $39.99. It reminds me of a Geoffrey Beene dress his reps liked to call the "sexy divorcee." Every girl needs a little sexy divorcee.

This Paramita sample (far right) is for when you don't want to look like anyone else in the room. Who knows if this ever got made, but it's fantastic and $29.99. Isn't she perfect?

This strapless maxi tube dress is the most perfect resort (I know, I said the "r" word) dress I've seen yet in the district. I think it runs around $40.* Listen closely, she's screaming Miami! Poolside soiree! I look like a Ralph Lauren! Dang she's loud.

Soft, sweet, formless yet pretty sweater dress. Everyone feels fat in these, but you can't look sexy divorcee all the time (see "family" or "office" party).

This blue dress (near left) is close to the sexy family, but could easily go office if you had some kind of plunging neckline camoflage/underpinning. Classic lines with long sleeves, love it.

*because it's Tuesday, the most difficult day of the week, I erased all my Daffy's vital stats from my trusty recorder. Some I remembered, others completely forgot. I apologize, but think I can say with confidence that nothing here was over $69.99.

Daffy's, 1311 Broadway at 34th Street, 212-736-4477