Thursday, November 15, 2007

EleVen's Debut

Venus Williams's line, EleVen, debuted in Steve & Barry's today and so did she. Here's my first picture and the nail in the coffin that was my papparazzi career: What an awful photo, but look how tall she is! Venus is towering over that suit. Here she is (you can almost see her) coming out from the stockroom:Again, tall! Venus has a lot of inches on that assistant. I'm over 5'10 and I was impressed. Celebrities are never tall in person. Exciting, yes? Venus is tall. And here's Venus's back. Yes, she is taller than all those Steve & Barry executives. Here, she sat down and now you can kind of see her:

Doesn't she look tall even when she's sitting down? Venus seemed genuinely happy to be debuting her new line, and walked through the crowd saying "I'm crying!" before she sat down to sign autographs. Best, Venus looked healthy & glowing, was gracious to her fans, and has provided us with a super-inexpensive line of great athletic and casual wear. Here's a sampling:

The sweatpants are $14.98, the T-shirt and polo are $7.98, the long-sleeved drawstring teal shirt is $10.98, and the jacket is $14.98. EleVen's cotton is very soft (comfort and fit seem to be #1 in this line) and the sweatpants have a cute ribbon drawstring. I also bought her white athletic bra which fits perfect (no skin-squishing) and is $10.98. All of EleVen's tennis shoes are $14.98, so naturally there were lots of parents buying shoes for their kids. Makes for happy holiday shopping for the whole family.

Steve & Barry's, Manhattan Mall, Level 2, 33rd St. & 6th Ave, 877-762-9444