Thursday, November 1, 2007

Musing it Over

Our muses, the intelligent, stylish, free spirits we love, are sometimes kind enough to allow us to take pictures. Here they've been talked into modeling some H&M. Let's be indulgent and play it like a cheesy narrated runway show:

"Here comes Erica in a sassy blue-green dress that can be layered for day and stripped down for night. Put on some low heeled boots or retro pumps and go! Look at her work that belt, she's fearless! Thanks, Erica!"

"Next up is Danee. Danee's confident yet demure in this sweet print blouse. Prints are a must have in this year's wardrobe. Contrast them with a smoldering look like Danee's and you'll be stopping them in their tracks. Ouch!"

"Wait, what's this? Erica's thrown this fabulous yellow jacket over her dress! Short and stylish, it's totally now. What a statement, bold move, Erica. Inspiring, right ladies?"

"And for our dramatic finale, the must-have geometric print on Erica! Doesn't this just say it all? Thanks, Danee and Erica!"

And thanks for coming to our little fashion show. Return soon for more great fall looks with Erica, Danee, or some other confident muse who may happen upon our camera and feel like hamming it up...

blue-green dress, $24.90
butterfly blouse shown yesterday too but this just proves it looks great on everyone, $24.90
yellow jacket, $34.90
geometric blouse, $24.90

H&M, 435 Seventh Avenue at 34th Street, 212-643-6955