Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting Around On 34th

Hit up the Dr. for inexpensive coats:

Dr. Jay's coats run from $29 up; left, around $129, right, under $50.

Then go to the Gap for a navy jacket on sale ($59.99):

A stripe-y cape ($88);

And a down fur hoodie coat ($128).

Go for sport with the American Eagle:

Or be pretty in green & yellow at Forever 21:
$13.80 $49.80

Keeping you cozy and looking good in the district.

Dr. Jay's, 33 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-695-3354
Gap, 60 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-760-1268
American Eagle Outfitters, 40 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-947-1677
Forever 21, 50 W. 34th between 5th & 6th, 212-564-2346


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