Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Snack, It Does a Shopper Good

Let's face it, shopping is physically taxing. You'll need proper fuel to keep up your stamina and maximize your credit cards, I mean your workout. And, like plane food and family weekends, calories consumed while shopping hardly count. One always deserves a little treat while out hunting down the big treat.

After loading up on KMart T's, bras, and other basics, swing by Garrett Popcorn Shop, also located at 1 Penn Plaza. This Chicago store has invaded New York, and trust me, Midwesterners know their popcorn. Garrett's is made from a secret family recipie, and is a favorite of Oprah's so you know it has serious snack cred. There's the standard Buttery or Plain, the CheeseCorn, the CaramelCrisp, and CaramelCrisp w/Nuts. Need help inputting endless data into Excel? Bring the ultimate bribery snack, aka "The Mix," back to the office. It's CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn combined (left) and it will make you so popular everyone will want to work on your spreadsheet.

And the tins? Hello, holiday gift. Dinner parties, clients, your building super (just don't forget the accompanying envelope of cash). Have you ever met someone who wouldn't eat popcorn? Besides, Garrett's also has these New York baseball tins. I'll remain politely non-partisan and won't reveal my favorite.

Garrett Popcorn Shop, 1 Penn Plaza on 34th between 7th & 8th Avenues